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Everything looks perfect from far away

come down now...

hold the intangible
21 September
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I don't write here anymore.

My new Lj is tolivetobreathe, but it's friends only, so please contact me if you're interested.
aerin tedesco, apostrophes instead of quotations, apple juice, ari hest, arnold arboretum, baby blankets, burt's bees chapstick, but i'm a cheerleader, cheesy romantic comedies, chicken, claire danes, clea duvall, compulsive journal reading/writing, counting crows, crushes, dana and alice, danielle de barbarac, dar williams, daytime television, disney movies, driving in maine, ever after, feeling free, finding nemo, flip flops, floyd, franklin park, fresh night air, getting lost in books, having other people's stuff, honesty, jennifer nettles, jimmy eat world, jp, karaoke with maggie, king of queens, les miserables, lesbians, life cereal, lifetime movies, lilo and stitch, lisbon house of pizza, ll bean comforters, lobster, long conversations, long letters and emails, long showers, luann, lying in bed, maggie and nmh, mail, making mix cds, me'shell ndegeocello, mechuwana, meg hutchinson, mix tapes, my adam kitten, my diaryland diary, nickel creek, nicknames, old orchard beach, ophelia speaks, pages of handwriting, pasta, pet names, pleasantville, popsicles, portland maine, quiet nights, rainbows, raisin bran, romeo + juliet, showtunes, sight reading, singing, slush puppies, smell nostalgia, snuggling, something corporate, south park, surprises, syndicated tv shows, t he piano, the american president, the awakening, the cosby show, the feeling of summer, the l word, the laramie project, the metro crossword, the postal service, the reflecting pool, the smell of baking, theperksofbeingawallflower, thesoundofanorchestratuning, vienna teng, violent thunderstorms, violins, window fx markers, ♀♀